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I will create a personal vacation itinerary for you including air travel, ground transportation, resort stay, and fun activities. As a full-time teacher (my side-gig is that of a travel consultant), I understand the importance of travel to develop a sense of worldwide culture and to encourage creativity. I travel regularly with my family so oftentimes, I can speak from personal travel experiences. If you are interested in just booking air travel or getting a good deal on a cruise, please see my self-service airline and cruise booking system. To make reservations for fun activities all around the world, take a look at what Viator fun activities and tours are available. To have me put together the ultimate family vacation or business trip itinerary, email or text me now.

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Why should you hire me to plan your trip?

Travel planning is hard, hire travel consultant Roger Flowers

Planning travel logistics is hard

Dreaming up things to do and places to go is the fun part. But making all the arrangements? Not so much. I take your ideas, expert knowledge and optimize your itinerary so that you can experience it all.

save your time planning your next trip - hire Roger Flowers travel consultant

I’ll save you hours

The average person spends 10-30 hours travel planning. Instead of waiting on hold to reserve a seat on a boat, leave it to me. Carry on with life, work, and your family while I hammer out the details of your trip.

There are usually no fees to hire a travel consultant

Little to NO FEES!

My pricing is very straight forward and most people get their travel consultation fees waived entirely. I charge $15 per day of travel per family. For each day that all travelers stay in a hotel or resort that I book, the consultation fee is waived.

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