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Amenities Buyers Want in 2021


Whether you’re buying or selling a house, it’s important to understand current trends in home amenities. Sellers want top dollar, and buyers want a home with conveniences that meet their family’s needs. Understanding these wants and needs will help both buyers and sellers navigate the market.

Upgraded kitchens top the list of desired features. From simple cosmetic updates to complete remodels, buyers are looking for luxury in the kitchen. People have spent more time cooking at home over the past year, so upgraded appliances and walk-in pantries have become sought-after features.

Buyers are also seeking spaces dedicated to particular activities. With the rise in remote work, home offices have become one of the most desired amenities. People are looking for visually appealing spaces that are large enough for monitors, specialized lighting, cameras, and comfortable furnishings. They’re also seeking separate spaces for their children’s home-learning needs. Additionally, people want room for exercise equipment. Whether it’s a full home gym or the corner of a guest bedroom, space for home fitness is a must.

Outdoor living space is another trend that’s gaining in popularity. Buyers are seeking highly coveted elements such as patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and screened porches. Some are even looking for a dedicated area for gardening, potting and plant care.

On the simpler side, buyers have come to expect things like upgraded lighting, smart thermostats and contemporary paint colors. Whether it’s easy upgrades or complex renovations, understanding trends is essential in today’s real estate market.


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