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Some Retirees say “Rah, Rah” to College Towns


When you dream of retirement, the life you imagine may not include living in a town that’s buzzing with energy and hordes of young adults. But if you want to spend your retirement learning, growing or reinventing yourself, then co-mingling with collegians might be just what you need.

Living near a college or university means you’ll likely have convenient access to lots of amenities. Retirees can enjoy cultural events, entertainment, sports, and lectures. Many schools offer you the opportunity to explore interests that you never had time to pursue during your working years.

College communities are also ideal for vibrant, active lifestyles, and owning a house in the area can be a great asset. According to Realtor.com®, “Owning a home in a college town is also often a smart investment since there will always be strong, steady demand from both young and old buyers as well as rental opportunities for those interested in becoming landlords.”


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