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What’s New in Floor Plan Design?


Interior design styles come and go, but when it comes to floor plans, homeowners prefer designs that meet their needs and endure the test of time. Over the past 18 months, the cultural shift to spending more time at home has shed new light on what we want and what no longer works for us. If you’re shopping for a home or considering remodeling, pay attention to what’s trending.

Open concept is falling out of style.
While still beautiful, open-concept floor plans are less conducive to working and learning from home. People want defined space, which is difficult to create in an open plan.

Kitchen islands are bigger than ever.
Kitchen islands are a mainstay, and more functional, expansive islands are becoming the norm. Larger countertops are desired for activities like food prep, homework and dining. Newer floor plans may even feature two islands.

Dual master suites are becoming more common.
Economic uncertainty has led many grown children to move back in with their parents. Adding a second, smaller master suite lets other adults in your home have their own private retreat.


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