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Millennials Drawn to “Agrihoods”

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Millennials Agrihoods

Millennials “Agrihoods” have recently been sprouting up all over the country. This growing trend combines residential neighborhood living with a shared farm or communal gardens. Agrihoods attract residents who care about environmental sustainability. They also offer residents access to farm-fresh produce grown in their own neighborhood.

The farms are typically managed by professionals, so residents can enjoy fresh produce without having to be farming experts. Some communities require residents to volunteer periodically, while others build fees into HOA dues to cover farming expenses. But these fees may be nominal compared to increases in property values that come from proximity to green space.

The agrihood lifestyle is popular among millennials, who have embraced the farm-to-table trend, along with upscale housing and amenities that typically accompany planned communities. High-end houses, healthier lifestyles and unique educational opportunities for young families make agrihoods an appealing option for this generation. With more than 200 agrihoods in the United States, look for this trend to continue growing as millennials gain even more prominence in the housing market.


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