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Is Your City on the “Bargain Mansion” List?


Winning the lottery may no longer be your only ticket to living large. Depending on where you live, a dream mansion could be surprisingly affordable. Realtor.com® recently published a list of the top 10 cities where you can buy a mansion for a bargain price.

Check the list for that charming old Victorian in a walkable city neighborhood or that expansive, modern suburban home with room to grow. The minimum size for a house to be considered a mansion is 5,000 square feet. Most of these locations are in the Midwest, the South or the Rust Belt.

  1. Indianapolis, IN
  2. Canton, GA
  3. Kansas City, MO
  4. Lehi, UT
  5. Louisville, KY
  6. Katy, TX
  7. Aurora, CO
  8. Birmingham, AL
  9. Overland Park, KS
  10. Tulsa, OKleansing hot shower or bath

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