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Information about The Redlands in Redlands

The Redlands is a manufactured housing community in North Redlands, California. The Redlands is a manufactured housing community located South of the Santa Ana River. The Redlands is in Redlands about 65 miles northeast of Los Angeles and 45 miles west of Palm Springs, in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The climate is considered Mediterranean with weather extremes reaching over 100′ in the summer and just below freezing in the winter with little likelihood of snow. The weather in Redlands, CA is considered to be mild compared to other climates around the United States. Living in Redlands, CA means you are a day trip away to Big Bear, Palm Springs, Hollywood or San Diego. Most utilities are provided by Southern California Edison and SoCal Gas Company. For more detailed information about Ardmore Terrace real estate, consult with Redlands REALTOR Roger Flowers.